Conquering Brussels & Amsterdam

17 October


We started off our trip with a very rushed departure early in the morning via Eurostar to Brussels, Belgium. Starved and sleep deprived, we still managed to make our way to all the places we wanted to visit!

Royal Palace | There seems to be a royal palace everywhere, so surely, we made our way to the one in Brussels as well! It wasn't opened for visitors when we were there, so we just sat around.

Town Hall | We were so mesmerized by the architecture and gold detailing on all the buildings. We stood there for the longest time taking pictures. It was beautiful during the day and just as pretty, if not better, at night.
Manneken Pis | The Pissing Boy: I think it's so adorable how this tiny peeing statue has someone to look after it and to change its outfit according to holiday or weather.  

We were exhausted at this point from all that walking, but we also realized that we practically saw everything we wanted to see in Brussels. So we stopped by a garden that overlooks the city. It's not much of a skyline, but it was so nice to just take a breather. 

What represents Belgium more than Belgium Waffles? If you look carefully, I already took a bite of my waffle before this picture. It is to die for. I dream about waffles every day now. 

Town Hall | During the day, the space is filled with bustling tourists who want to take pictures of the beautiful buildings. But at night, it's even more magical. Groups of friends sit in circles on the cobblestone as they enjoy a bottle of wine and chat. 

Delirium Cafe | This bar holds over 3000 beers... Can you even imagine? Where do they even store all those beers? I had the most difficulty choosing a beer. I saw quite a few people ordering the green beer, so I literally just ordered "the green beer". 

Belgium is known for its mussels and "french" fries as well. So what's a better way to have the best of both worlds than "Moule Frites"? I definitely underestimated the size of the meal. 

18 October 
Galeries Royales St. Hubert. | For our last stop in Brussels, we made a quick breakfast run and did some Belgium chocolate shopping. At noon, we were off to catch a bus to Amsterdam! 


After we arrived and settled down in Amsterdam, we spent some time by the canal. 

For the night, I decided to keep my outfit simple, since we spent the past few hours traveling via bus from Brussels to Amsterdam. I kept my outfit really minimalistic. But to be honest, when you're backpacking, there isn't much you can bring. A statement necklace or a scarf could've easily changed the whole dynamic of this outfit. 

| Aritzia Wilfred top | Rag & Bone jeans | Hermes H Bracelet | Forever21 bag |

Without any added accessories, I think the big thing that made this outfit a tad bit more interesting is the top. This white top seems ordinary from the front, but the back is asymmetrical and the side has a high slit.
| Cole Haan booties | 

These little booties are easily the most comfortable booties I have ever owned because of the Nike Air sole that Cole Haan incorporated into this shoe. However, the cobblestones proved that these shoes are not as comfortable or practical as I thought they would be! I'm surprised I survived the night without falling on my face. 

 We stayed by the canal long enough to see the sun go down. The picture does not do it justice. 

Dam Square | It was all fun and games at the carnival on Dam Square. Carnival games are pretty much scams, but we were able to use our charms and get free teddy bears (even though I didn't even play)! 
Red Light District | We ended our night with a very adventurous and daring trip to the Red Light District. It was not fun being whistled at for prostitution, but now I know what the district looks like. 

19 October
Coffeeshops | You would expect coffeshops to be the same as cafes. But in Amsterdam, you're going to expect something totally different. It's so weird seeing illegal things so explicitly in public. 

Anne Frank House | We stopped by the Anne Frank House the night before, but the line wrapped around the conner, even at 9PM. So we decided to go again in the morning. The line was even longer, but it was a must-see on my list and totally worth the wait!  
Canals in Amsterdam are just the cutest. I would say that a day tour of the canal is much more worth it than a night one. We did the night one, and it was hard to see everything.

Our last day of the trip in Amsterdam was spent mostly in museums! We went to the Van Gogh Museum, where we painted our own masterpiece, and the Rijks Museum, which is right behind the  "I amsterdam" sign.

We nearly missed our 8PM bus back to London. The bus ride was 10 hours long, including the time to get through customs. To make matters worse, I had a 10AM class in the morning, so I had about one hour of sleep. The things I'd do to go traveling..

| Aritzia Wilfred top | Rag & Bone jeans | Cole Haan booties | Hermes H Bracelet | Forever21 bag |

Upcoming: Madrid outfit post