Mad for Madrid

22- 25 October
Madrid & Mahadahonda

Despite having a midterm a day after my trip, I decided to make my way down to Madrid, Spain for the weekend. I stayed at a friend's house in a cute and quiet village called Majadahonda, which is about 20 minute drive away from Madrid. So my first full day in Spain was mostly just a day for museums and aimless exploring. I had no idea where I was going. I walked in the direction that seemed the most intriguing, which may not be the best of ideas, but I managed to see a lot of cool places around Madrid. 
Parque del Retiro | I first stopped by Museo Nacional del Prado, because my friend said that was her favorite one. The amount of paintings in that one museum was too overwhelming. So I left after some time to take a stroll through a near-by park. I took a quick unexpected walk to the near-by park and discovered this. It's basically everything you could imagine in a European garden. 

Monumento Alfonso XII | I stumbled upon this gorgeous view inside of Parque de el Retrio. I couldn't resist the temptation to eat my packed sandwiches that my friend's mom made for me. I am forever grateful.

Puerta de Alcala | I was pretty surprised I managed to get around with a map. A physical map. I managed to tackle all the significant places highlighted on the map. This was one of them. 

Palacio de Cibeles Centrocentro | I walked around some more to explore and I saw this grand building a block away. Apparently, this is City Hall.... It's more like a castle to me. 
Metropolis | During my entire adventure around Madrid by myself, I had no idea where I was going or what each building was. You can just tell when a building is worth taking a picture of. 
Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum - Hubert de Givenchy Exhibition | With a lot of time left before my friend was going to pick me up. I went to this museum. I wasn't really expecting much. But out of all the museums I've been to recently, this was the most exciting and most interesting. I was in love.
These are a few of the many displays in the Hubert de Givenchy exhibition. The right and middle one were worn by Audrey Hepburn. The middle one may be more familiar to you all (Breakfast at Tiffany's). 
Temple de Debod | A gift from Egypt. 

We went up to a terrace that overlooked the whole city. For 2 Euros, it can't get any better. Another trip to this terrace during the day might have been worth it as well.

Origen De Las Carreteras Radiales | Greenwich, London is the prime meridian with 0 latitude. In Madrid, there's also a 0 latitude, and it just so happens that I'm stepping on it. 

Tapas 44 | We ended the night with a dinner on the streets on Madrid. We had a pitcher of sangria and some tapas. 
A special thanks to my friend Paula and her wonderful family for letting me stay in their house for a few days! It's been such an amazing experience living in the outskirts of Madrid, as I engage myself in a true Spanish household and experience a new culture. I definitely prefer Majadahonda over the city centre. 
Well, until next time, have a good week!

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