Sunny Spain

25 October 

The day before I left for Madrid, London was filled with heavy rain and heavy winds that were coming from a nearby hurricane, so coming to Madrid was absolute heaven for me! I was able to take a nice break from London's chills and have some summer feels. Everyone I've talked to in Spain also told me that it's unusual to have such good weather in the end of October, so I picked a good weekend to come. 

I took this opportunity to wear my dress that I didn't get a chance to wear in London.

I also didn't want to show too much skin because it's still autumn nonetheless. So I opted for this baroque maxi dress. 

It looks like an ordinary maxi dress from the front, but the low back shows enough skin without it being too scandalous. 

I added simple accessories, since the print of the dress may be a little overwhelming. 

Behind all this traveling is class. I just took a midterm a few days ago. But in just a few hours, I'm off to Berlin, Prague, and Budapest! 
Have a good week, guys! 

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