All the way to Berlin and Prague

A quick recap of my trip to Berlin and Prague for my fall break- part 1!

30 Oct - 1 Nov

| Reichstag Building | Our first stop in Berlin was to see this building with a big historical impact. I also wanted to go up the glass dome (that can be slightly seen in the picture) but couldn't go up. 

| Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church |

| Gendarmenmarkt | I can't help but visit churches everywhere I go. This square had two. 
With extra time, we took an hour long cruise along the canal and saw some major points of Berlin. It was just nice and take a breather. 

| Holocaust Memorial | When I walked up to the memorial, it looked as though each concrete was more or less the same height. But as you walk through each row, there's a slope in the floor and the concrete towers over you. It was such a chilling experience. 

We also went to Panormapunkt Cafe to overlook all of Berlin. Apparently, it also had the fastest elevator in Europe. 

| Kadewe | My hotel was less than 10 minute walk away from this department store, which is the largest one in continental Europe. How could I resist? 


1 - 4 Nov

With an afternoon train to Prague, we arrived in Prague at night. We started our adventure the next morning. First stop, we went to Old Town Square. 
| Prague Astronomical Clock | Tell me how someone tells the time using this astronomical clock... I don't even understand. 

I I am in love with all the houses/ buildings in Prague. I would turn into a street and each building is unique in its own way. The different colors make in more intriguing.

In Old Town Square, we ended up sitting around to take in Prague. In my attempts to travel light and efficiently, I packed pieces that were easy to layer. I don't know what the weather is like in these cities. 
For this outfit, I opted for a button up, that can be easily layered with a sweater on top and a thermal under for extra warmth. I also have on my trusty pair of black jeans and black boots.

This bag wasn't the most practical of bags for traveling, but it was big enough to carry all the things I needed. 

| Madewell button-up | Zara jacket | Aritzia leggings | Chanel bag | Cole Haan boots |

After visiting Old Town Square, we made our way to Prague Castle. There's no way we're going there without crossing Charles Bridge.
| Charles Bridge | I was already fascinated with Old Town Square, but the bridge (and the view) was just as beautiful.

| Dancing House | 

| Petrin Hill - Observation Tower | Climbing up these spiral stairs was no easy task. I am terrified of heights, but I knew the view would be worth it in the end. 

If it wasn't so cold and windy, I would have stayed here forever.

The view at the top of the observation deck was breathtaking - freezing but so pretty.

| Sunset | We went to the observation deck at the right time. We got to see Prague's day and night view, along with a gleaming sunset.
I'm not sure what these are called, but I saw these everywhere. They're basically sugared rolls of bread. This was my quick sugar-fix when I needed it in between all the exploring.

| Prague Ham | This reminds me of Disney's turkey leg, but its even better. So good.

| Prague to Budapest | We booked an overnight rail to Budapest. We arrived in a sketchy and empty train station, so it wasn't the most pleasant first impression of our trip to Budapest. However, when I got onto the train, we were greeted and led into this sleeper. It was game-changing. It was a tad bit wobbly, but I can't complain. It was way better than I expected.

Up next, my travel post in Budapest! Stay tuned. 

| Madewell button-up | Zara jacket | Aritzia leggings | Chanel bag | Cole Haan boots |

Upcoming: Budapest Travel Post