Berlin - The Other Side

30 Oct - 1 Nov
Berlin, Germany

It's officially fall break, so I made my way over to Berlin, Germany for my first stop! 
My history classes for almost my entire academic career has always emphasized the influence and impact of communism with Adolf Hitler. So to be able to be in the middle of it all was a experience that put the whole thing into perspective. I saw things from the other side - from Berlin's point of view and not from the American's. History can so shrewed and one-sided that what we are learning may not be true. 

When I took this photo, I instantly noticed how different it was on each side. It's like a whole different city. The artwork on each side was different as well. The fact that the Cold War was so recent is even more chilling. 


For this outfit, I didn't really put much thought into it. My cream sweater and black jeans seem to be a little matchy-matchy with my scarf, but when traveling, keep it neutral. Keeping things to a bare minimal will allow you to play with different pieces and make a variety of outfits. 

To spruce up a very neutral outfit is my delicate but cozy scarf - an essential in anyone's fall closet. Besides the fact that it's an expensive scarf, I especially love this scarf because of the rich details and the pop of gold and silver against the black background.
Dune London- Phobe Booties

To make my travels much more comfortable, I have my sturdy booties that I recently got a couple of days ago in London. Dune London was having a 20% off everything sale and I can never resist a good pair of chunky boots. These booties have deep tracks in them that make them practical for snowy winter days as well.

You can catch me any day, even in New York, with a pair of black jeans and chunky boots. 

My sweater, although, does look a bit plain in the front. It's a beauty from the back. It opens up and splits down the middle into an upside V. A silky chiffon of the same color peeks through the slit and is see-through enough to show a bit of skin. I totally forgot to take an picture of such a unique detail in my outfit but I guess this is my first mistake as a blogger. 

My second mistake? Blurry pictures.

I also love pairing ankle booties with a pair of funky socks with my jeans rolled up. For this outfit, I have on a pair of socks with 'LOL' written all over it in bright neon letters. You can barely tell from are (and in pictures) but when you noticed these small details in person, it makes you grin - or at least it does for me. It's the small details that count. 

Here are some quick snippets of my favorite artworks on the Berlin Wall: 

| LF sweater | Urban Outfitter jeans |
| Hermes scarf | Hermes Rivale Double Tour | Dune London Phobe booties |

Upcoming: Prague, Czech Republic