Bringing NYC to London

I've officially been in London for almost three months now. It feels like yesterday when I was just writing my very first blog post on my first two months in London (click here for my first post!)! Quite frankly, I didn't quite start to miss home until all the traveling kicked in . . .
All my travels have been beyond amazing, but no matter how great each city is and how much I fall in love with its beauty, I will always have my heart in NYC. Having nostalgia 3 months into my break is no fun. I have another month abroad, but time goes by way too slow. Before I came to London, I knew this ridiculous nostalgia would hit me really badly at some point in time. 

I was shopping in Madewell this summer when I saw this scarf. I knew it was the perfect way for me to bring NYC with me to London.
As you can tell from the still wet pavements and super sunny skies, London weather is too unpredictable. I went for a brighter outfit on (what I thought would be a) rainy and gloomy day so that I can feel a little better about my day ahead.

I usually have my trusty Longchamp bag for my books, because it's a really sturdy bag for everyday use. In fact, this is my second Longchamp Le Pliage so far. My first one lasted me a good 6 years of abuse. I actually bought it in London, because I was in desperate need of a good bag for class. Because the Neo was all black and had a little bit of a sheen to it, I was sold. 
My favorite part of scarf are the drawings of food around the city. Of course, I can't forget Brooklyn. It's not exactly depicted on the scarf, but there's some sort of indication, I guess. 
When this scarf is around my neck all scrunched together, it's actually pretty hard to tell it is even a map of New York. It actually just looks like doodles, which sounds appropriate given that I was going to class. But when you tell people what it actually is, it holds a lot of meaning. 
Writing this post made me more nostalgic than I already am. NYC is where my heart's at.

Have a good week!

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| Zara beige leather jacket ( see similar // 2) | Topshop crop top | Rag & Bone black jeans | 
Madewell scarf | Longchamp Le Pliage Neo | Cole Haan booties (see similar) |

Photography Credits: Anhad Arora
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