Now that the holidays are coming up, my outfits are really starting to get a little more festive. 
A winter outfit does not have to be all black or dark colors. For this outfit, I wanted to play around with a brighter outfit for the holidays. 

I love how the textured crochet detailing on the skirt plays with the texture on the heels, in combination with the simple soft top.
I wanted to pair this outfit with a clutch, but since I didn't have one handy on me in my dorm or in London, I just went with my wallet from YSL. 
The cutout of the flowers give the skirt an uneven hem that reminds me of snow and ice. The white skirt can be paired with a white top for an all-white outfit that highlights snow from the winter. At the same time, the skirt can be worn during the summer as well. 
I'm officially in love with all heels that can't be walked in. My Jimmy Choo's from my last post is the epitome of my new love (see shoes here). I guess women really do have to go through pain to look good.  These heels from All Saints are no exception. I basically wore them one time and I could've died in them if I wore them any longer. 
Happy Holidays! 

| J.Crew embellished top (similar on sale) | 
| Topshop skirt (similar) |
| All Saint textured heels |
| Hermes Double Tour |

I can't seem to find any links to the pieces I actually wore, but I tried my best to link similar items. :(
- top and heels c/o: Areta Chen { Areta's Style Secrets } -