Last Moments in London

This post marks my final post ever (unless I visit again) from London. It's been a wonderful four months . . .
Ever since I watched Paddington, I've been spotting these little figures all over London. The design usually coincides with the location its found in, so I found this one by the Big Ben. Such a cute bear~

My friends and I gathered together to send off a friend who was leaving the next day. It was our last official meal in London together, because who knows when or where we're ever going to reunited. Good memories have been made with this bunch.
NYU London- Academic Center
6 Bedford Square
Having brunch in the midst of finals week because we couldn't handle all the gloomy prison libraries. 
Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park
Crosstown Doughnuts
<3 <3
Up the O2
Strapped into a thermal suit and harness to climb over the O2 Arena on a really windy day. 
Prime Meridian, Greenich, London
I'm standing left AND right of the 0 degree longitude of the world. 
Glass Walkway on the Tower Bridge
Afraid of heights, but what the heck. I practically took the picture without looking down.
Duck & Waffle, Heron Tower
We didn't make our reservations 2 months in advance, so we did a walk-in at 1AM to get seated.
Good food with good views. 
The arrival of my family officially marks the last week of London.
Harrods, Knightsbridge
In love with everything in Harrods, but there's nothing I can afford.
Natural History Museum, South Kensington
Ever since I took my architecture class, I always feel a need to take a moment to admire more architecture. This museum is gorgeous. 
Prince Albert Memorial
Splurge moment. . .
My last brunch in Caravan
(so good)
Covent Garden
The Shard
In love with London's modern architecture as well. The Shard (and the Gherkin) really stand out in London's skyline

St Paul's Cathedral
I wrote a 2,000 word essay on this, so I can tell you everything about the portico, the dome, and even the stages of design. And yet, each time I look at the cathedral, I'm still in awe. 
Borough Market
I can never get enough of cute farmer's markets and good food.
Festive decoration in Borough Market

I've been in London for four months and never took a photo with the iconic red phone booth... until the night before my departure.
My semester abroad in London has truly been an experience and I'm really glad I get to look back at it through these mini travel posts. The people I've met, the places I've been to, and the experiences I've had allowed me to explore a side of me that I would never be able to do in New York. I usually hate the mysterious and unknown, but home is a comfortable place and nothing ever grows there. 

Until next time, London . . .