Layering Up

I definitely disregarded how cold New York could be and peacoats are definitely not as warm as I remembered them to be. I remember years ago, I could embrace the brisk winters with just a hoodie. Let's be real, I'm no longer that young and I need all the warmth I can get.Something that gets me through every winter is layering. I have so many tricks up my sleeve when it comes to layering because it really makes a difference. 

To start off with my top . . . I have a tank top under a long sleeve tee under my tan cashmere sweater. Talk about layering, huh? Long sleeve thermals are literally life-savers every winter. If I'm wearing a sweater/jumper, there's a high chance that I'm wearing a thermal under it. They might not be the most attractive of things to wear, but warmth is all I care about.
If I want to go an extra mile on a really cold day, I wear a button-down under my sweaters. Essentially, I would be trying to keep myself warm, while looking like I actually tried in the morning (when I actually didn't).
Winter outerwear is not complete without a scarf. For added warmth and a hint of pattern, I threw on a houndstooth printed scarf.
{ Houndstooth Scarf }
For pants, I wore the J.Crew Minnie pant. They fit so well, but so linty! I literally had a lint roller in my bag the whole day. I kept collecting lint from my sweater/scarf, dust, and hair.
For shoes, I wore these Kurt Geiger booties that I got at the airport on my way back from London. I couldn't help it, especially since it was duty free. They are SO comfortable too. I spent the whole day shopping, and it didn't hurt at all.
Kurt Geiger booties }
It was a pretty simple outfit I wore when I was back in New York. Now, that I'm back in London, I'm getting really swamped with papers and finals.
Best of luck to all of you!

| Prada Naplak Shopper Tote |

Photography Credit: Peter Li