Staying organized in 2015

On a rainy day like today, there's nothing better to do than to stay in and get a little more organized in your life. Here, I share a few tips and tricks on how to a tad bit more organized in the confines of your dwelling. 
 Everyone loves a good shopping spree, to go shopping without any budget in mind, but that results in regret afterwards. Make sure you keep track of everything you've bought, in cash and with your credit card! Budgets will help you stay in track of what to spend, so spend wisely!

Take old shoes to cobbler. Keep your clothes pristine with dry cleaning. 

Go through your closet and reassess all the items you've kept in there all these years. Ask yourself, "Would I ever buy this again?" If it's an item you've decided to never buy again, then it needs to be donated. Pricier items can be consigned. 

Purchase proper storage units to get organized. Jewelry can be easily storage into boxes or mini trays. Clothes can be packed into separate components. 

 Throughout the year, it's pretty easy to pile papers on your desk and old receipts from the past year that go untouched. I usually go through the pile of papers for one last time to make sure I am not tossing away any important documents. Everything that is not needed goes into the recycle bin. 

Time is money. Spend it wisely.

I hope you all found this useful in your own way. Let's try to make this a New Year's Resolution that actually gets achieved by the end of the year. Below, I've included a few items that you buy to get your more organized.

Happy Sunday, everyone!