Stroll through Bryant Park

It seems like each winter, I forget how cold it can get. On days where it feels like its below zero, I become very tempted to just stay home and be bundled in warmth. The key to staying warm when going out is layering. I opted for this long wool blend coat from Zara that's surprisingly warm. While the length of the coat really helps retain heat, it tends to drown my petite figure. So to elevate myself, I went with my comfortable pair of heeled ankle booties from J.Crew that I bought for such a steal- J.Crew ankle boots

The jacket also has a clasp at the top that helps create a turtle neck when needed. Because it's essential to cover up your neck and face, another winter wear essential is a scarf. I went with this basic black scarf to keep things to keep my outfit clean and sophisticated. I always appreciate a thick scarf so I can dig half my face into it when I'm walking around. 

Another layering tip I always use during the wintertime is to layer as much as the jacket allows (without looking like a stuffed snowman). Since this jacket is more tailored than oversized, I only had enough space to layer a tank top, my button down shirt, and fuzzy white cardigan underneath. Even so, I was (still cold but) warmer than expected. One last tip is to always throw on a pair of gloves and beanie! Literally, try to cover as much skin as you can from winter exposure.

Stay warm & happy Wednesday, everyone!