DIY | Marquee Letters

I'm developing a profound love and appreciation for all things creative and artsy. Not only do I get to decorate my room with something I personally made but I also get my minds off of things.
I've been on a search for Marquee letters for quite a while, but it's quite hard to find for a reasonable price. Imagine my excitement when I found these letters at Michael's Arts & Craft for only 10 bucks and I get to decorate it however I like. For this project, I worked with my name initials - AZYC. 
The kit I bought for these Marquee letters included the letter itself, some mini bulb fixtures, and a string of lights with a battery source. Because I was making a striped pattern, I went ahead and bought some masking tape, black acrylic paint, and a paint brush to work with. Also, don't forget to get triple A batteries! You need two of those for each letter.
(1) Evenly stick on the masking tape around the entire other surface area of the letter. 
Tip: Tape three masking tapes consecutively and rip off the middle one for even sections. Use and reuse the masking tape you just ripped off as a marker. 
(2) Paint your desired color on the space you didn't cover up with masking tape. 
 (3) After letting your paint dry, peel off the masking tape. 
Tip: Be patient when peeling because the letters are actually made out of some sort of paper. They are not plastic! (Disclaimer).
 (4) Pop in those bulb fixtures to the pre-cut holes on the letter. 
 (5) Turn the letter around and place the lights into each bulb. Put in some batteries and you're done!
 To switch things up a bit, I went with something a little less tedious. I wanted to spray paint them gold, so all you need is a bottle of metallic gold spray paint! 
Spray paint the letter and you're all done!
 Tip: Make sure you spray paint outside because of the odor! 
Feel free to make any design you like - glitter, sparkles, polka dots, tribal print, anything! 
Get creative and happy Sunday, everyone!