Feelin' Blue

The weather has gotten unfavorably cold. . . So cold, in fact, that I decided to just snap this outfit indoors at my friend's apartment (Let's take a moment to take in that floor-to-ceiling window though). You walk out the door and you can barely feel your fingers. I tried to stay warm with this turtleneck cropped sweater. The pastel blue resonates with the brisk winds, but that doesn't mean I'm not staying warm. It's a fuzzy sweater, but perhaps, a little too itchy for my liking. 

I tied a flannel around my hips for more dimension and detail to my outfit. I topped it off with my classic black jeans from Rag & Bone and hardcore boots from Zara to stomp through the snow. It's kind of the thing now to tuck your hair into your turtleneck, but I felt suffocated with all those things around my neck. I tied up my hair into a small bun for a tied together look (get it haha).

Happy Thursday, everyone! 

| Zara A/W 13 sweater (similar) |
| Flavour 86 flannel (similar) |
| Chanel necklace | 
| Zara booties |

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