NYFW 2015 | Lulu's Style Studio

I'm so excited to share with you my first NYFW event. I didn't get to watch a runway show front row like I did in London, but this is just as exciting.
Lulu's Style Studio is an annual event where bloggers are invited to get together and meet. There are a bunch of goodies and activities. The night was short-lived, but I definitely had a blast. I would relive that night in a heart beat.
This event just so happened to be on the coldest day of the week, reaching to single-digit temperatures. That didn't stop me from wearing this gorgeous top. I'm especially in love with this top because of its gorgeous draped detail in the front that flows into an asymmetrical side that moves perfectly while walk around. It's my take on my usual monochrome outfit with a bit of a twist. I went with my go-to lipstick from Urban Decay. 

What I Wore: 
There is no other person I would rather attend this event with than my blogger half, Areta of Areta's Style Secrets. We met in London, which was initially very very awkward (oh the memories), but I've grown to love her immensely. We squeal over clothes and salivate over food together. She's even helped me so much with my blog, and I couldn't thank her enough. If you haven't checked out her blog, please do it now! Only good memories made with this girl <3
A little more fooling around with a couple of bloggers I met!
Also, a HUGE thank you to Lulu's for hosting this event, as well as being kind enough to gift every one a clothing item. It was like a madhouse when everyone was grabbing for an item, but I was extremely lucky to have gotten this beauty of a dress in my hands. The juxtaposition and play of lines gives off an edgier vibe on the dress that you wouldn't otherwise see in an ordinary body con. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first NYFW event ever as much as I enjoyed it.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

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