Weekend Getaway | Poconos

I left for Poconos right after my NYFW event on Friday night. As much as I enjoyed the event, I've been longing for a weekend getaway for so long! What can I say? I can never resist a trip away from home. 
Granted - this getaway was a little rushed, especially since we managed to rent a house only two nights before it happened. It was a small cozy house in a very secluded gated area around Poconos Lake. There were spiders and we had trouble with the water, but it all turned out (sort of) okay.
As cozy as a fireplace sounds, it was actually scorching hot in this house. Outside was a different story. It was like we were getting the best of both worlds. 
We decided to go snowboarding the whole day on Saturday. We went to Camelback Mountain, which was my first time there. Even though it's much bigger than the one I usually go to, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I only had a few hours of sleep from our late arrival, but I also thought the slopes weren't as fun. I did, however, attempt to learn new moves. (I'm definitely not a winter person, so don't mind me if I look like a marshmallow.)
Rolling around in the snow (hehe).
It was a short-lived weekend, because we had to leave on Sunday. We had originally wanted to go to the gun range, but it was closed because of the extreme weather. It had snowed the whole day, and it got really bad at night.
What I'm wearing: 
| LF top | LF bralette | Forever 21 beanie | 
When we woke up the next day, we were all sore from snowboarding. We also had to move out of the house. We had originally wanted to go to a shooting range, but it was closed due to extreme conditions. Our last resort? A quick shopping trip before we headed home. 
What I'm wearing: 
| Nike Air Max Thea | UO jeans | Uniqlo hoodie | Moncler jacket (similar) | Forever 21 scarf |

And here's a quick snap of what I wore. This is as casual and laid back as it gets: Sneakers, hoodies, puffer jacket with a chunky scarf. I had forgotten to pack boots because of my busy schedule, so imagine how cold my feet were. Puffer jackets may not be the most chic thing, but they sure do keep me warm. But... who cares anyways? It was a weekend getaway with good company where memories were made, and that's what's most important. 

Happy Friday, everyone! 
Stay warm!

Photography by: Peter Li

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