Currently Coveting

Here's a little look into my wish list of the top six things I'm currently coveting.
Starting from the top left, I've been hearing all good things about Charlotte Tilbury's bronzer/blush palette, but I will not know that for sure until I give it a try! The Rag and Bone hat has been on my wish list for the longest time, but I don't think I'm ready to spend that kind of money on a product I might not wear. I'm definitely looking for cheaper alternatives in the mean time! Next, I've been wanting something from Triangl swimwear since probably two summers ago. I just couldn't decide on the accurate sizing because they do ship from Australia. Then, we have this gorgeous white dress from Free People, that has a plunging v-neck in the front and a bold bare back. I love everything about this dress - it needs to be in my closet now. I've been also eyeing this classic YSL tote in taupe because I can not justify another black bag. The size, the color, the design - it tics off all the boxes in my book. And lastly, this  iPhone case from Marc Jacobs is something a little quirky, but definitely something I adore. I have this newfound love for snowboarding so this case is perfect to showcase that. Too bad I don't have an iPhone 5/5s for it.

Until next time... 
Happy Monday, everyone! 

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