Orange Glow

A pop of bright neon orange to highlight my sunburnt skin. 

I'm not going to lie - I'm a huge beach person. I can chill out at the beach for as long as I want (as long as I'm hydrated and sun protected). Given that I lived right on Ocean Avenue and right in front of South Beach, I went to the beach every day. I've supplied myself with more than enough swimming suits to last me my entire Spring Break getaway, but I went ahead and bought this bright orange triangle bikini from Victoria Secret while I was there. I find the style of this particular bikini to be the most flattering and attractive. I also don't wear a lot of orange, but the bright neon color in the summer time looks so nice against sun kissed skin. Besides, it makes me look much more tanner than I actually am. 

Of course, you can not go to the beach without a cover-up. The sun can be sweltering hot and sometimes, my shoulders just can't take it anymore. Once I start feeling like I have a burn, I like to throw on anything to hide exposed skin. I find that a maxi dress is the easiest solution. Although black may not be the smartest of colors to wear, this dress from Urban Outfitters is a really flattering dress. The length of the sleeves protected my shoulder from getting burned and the open v-neck shows off my bikini and the high slit makes the dress dance while you walk. 

Beach Essentials: Tanning Oil, Sun Screen, Shades, & Sandals

Happy Monday, everyone!!
I know we're all wishing for warmer days. 

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Photography by: Areta Chen

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