"No Lifeguard On Duty"
The beach was a daily thing for us. Every two streets or so, there would be a cute lifeguard shack on the beach. Each designed and colored differently. The closest one to us was this pink one that I instantly fell in love with. The mix of pink and yellow reminds me of a sorbet on a summer day (Oh, how much I wish it was the summer time right now). 

For this outfit, I kept it a little more quiet and basic. Miami can get a little loud and overwhelming sometimes, and perhaps it's better to just go for something a little more simplistic. If you know me, I love simplistic. I can keep it black and white all day, any day. A monochromatic outfit in New York just looks depressing and overplayed, but it's another story in Miami - just look at how colorful everything is! My dress from Aritzia is a little bit more on the pricier side, but I  thought it would be the perfect dress from summer and for traveling. I instantly fell in love with all the the small details on the dress, from the crochet on the sleeves to the tasseled waist-tie. Also, this dress is undoubtedly the easiest dress to travel with because of its natural wrinkled fabric that also gives an effortlessly casual vibe. 

I kept my accessories simple with a gold necklace from J.Crew. The unevenly stacked gold squares of the necklace give a right and sturdy texture to an otherwise quaint necklace. I usually only have shades on to keep my hair out of my face, but they come to good use when the sun's strong rays are beaming in your eyes. 

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Miami would have not been the same without her. Heck, I wouldn't have went to Miami if it wasn't for her. Love this girl to bits. 

Happy Thursday, everyone!

| F21 shades | 

Photography by: Areta Chen

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