Taking sport chic and "athleisure" a little too seriously.

 I've been so busy lately with work and school that I've been having fashion slumps. This outfit would be the epitome of something I would wear everyday if I could. I opted for something laid-back and casual with a sportier vibe. Perhaps, I took "atheleisure" a little too seriously- It seems like that's the look I've been drawn towards lately. I love the combination of all these pieces - something as flirty and playful as a white skirt combined with a cropped varsity sweater, finished off with some of my staple accessory pieces for this season. My mini backpack acts as the perfect bag to toss throw around especially in the warmer weather, especially during the weekends. It's the perfect alternative to my shoulder bags and totes that weigh down my shoulders everyday. This baseball cap - in love with currently. I was never a big hat person, but something as classic as a baseball cap surprisingly looked so good and effortless (I mean, thats the look I was trying to go for). Last, but not least, my Chanel espadrilles - they're finally making its first feature on my blog, but it's long been my closet favorite and essential. They've been with me for the past two years. It's easy to pair these babies with any outfit. So there you have it - this may well be one of those outfits put on repeat this Spring.

Happy Monday, everyone! 

| Zara sweater (similar) |
| Brandy Melville skirt (similar) |
| Chanel Espadrilles | 
| Brandy Melville cap | 

Photography by: Peter Li 

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