Culottes on Cobble Hill

Two of my favorite things are boys and brunch. I went to brunch this past weekend at Le Petit Cafe* with this outfit and my jacket had "boys" written on the back of it. What's a better way to spend a weekend than like this? I mean, the jacket doesn't really make all the difference - I care about brunch more. This outfit a tad bit dressier than what I go for everyday, but the weather was just so good. 

Culottes are definitely in this season. I was pleasantly surprised by how good these pants looked. It's like a spruced up version of a midi skirt, but without the need to worry about having a Marilyn Monroe moment. They're so comfortable - it barely feels like you're wearing anything. Even if I think they're ridiculously adorable, they are definitely one of the toughest things to style. Because culottes are wide-legged and cropped, they can be a little unflattering unless styled right. I decided to pair these culottes with something tight on top so I'm not swallowed in excess fabric. I went with a pair of nude sandals to elongate myself and add a little height. And to top it all off, I threw on this satin jacket with the word "boys" written on the back. I'm definitely in love with the sheen of the jacket and come on, I love boys (but more specifically, my boyfriend). This outfit can easily be dressed up in such a way that would look amazing for a fancy dinner out or a work event. You'll definitely be seeing these pants be featured on my blog again. 

*Le Petit Cafe is one of my go-to brunch spots in Brooklyn, so if you're in the area, definitely go check that out!

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| UO jacket (similar 1 // 2) |
| Jeffrey Campbell shoes (similar) | 

 Photography by: Peter Li

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