Gift Guide | Mother's Day

Words can not express how grateful I am for my mother. 

Sure- she nags at me a lot of the time. We have our bad moments where we argue and throw things at each other, but we get through those bad times. Each year, for Mother's Day, I'm never quite sure what she wants without me breaking the bank. Here, I've listed a few items that would be the perfect gifts for your mom.

I'm especially excited about Jewel Scent's candle. My mom is definitely the rock in my life, so what better thing to do than to get her a rock as well... I mean it may not be a diamond, but what makes Jewel Scent so unique is that there's a hidden ring in each of their product that is valued between $10 to $7500. It's wrapped in a foil that you take out and reveal - click here to see how it works. Not only is this a clever idea, but their scents are amazing!! Their special Mother's Day scent, Admire, has three rings inside. No matter which candle (or product) you choose to get your mom, she will definitely be surprised!
There's also a 15% off right now for Mother's Day. Use the code: mommy15.

If the surprise factor isn't really your thing, you can definitely get her something more personalized like a keepsake box with her initials on top or some Kate Spade jewelry dedicated for your mom - Kate Spade Mom necklace and 'Mom said so' bangle. Something more practical is an anti-aging moisturizer- let's face it, your mom is not getting any younger so treasure her!

Whatever you get her, make sure you make her a nice and heartfelt card to go along with it. I love to writing my mom a card each year to let her know I love her unconditionally.

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