There is no in-between in New York. It's either hot or freezing cold. And when it starts to get warm like this, it only means that this semester is coming to and end. Finals week is here. I'm busier than ever, but I will survive. It's been a slow week on my blog, but definitely expect fun and exciting things for summer when I have no excuses. 

The statement of this outfit is definitely my kimono from LF. It's blaring hot in the sun, but there are breezes here and there that really let the kimono dance in the wind. To let the colors pop, I paired it with a white top and skirt. During the winter, I'm all about the color black, but in the summer, white is my go-to. I threw on a pair of my brown sandals and called it an outfit. All together, this outfit doesn't require much planning and can be worn for anything, whether your out and about making errands, or meeting someone for lunch. 

Happy Monday and good luck on finals, everyone!

| LF Kimono (similar) |
| Brandy Melville skirt |
| Madewell shoes (similar) |

Explicit Affairs

Photography by: Areta Chen