Explicit Travels • Milan

Milan was more than anything I could ever imagine. I couldn't have asked for a better accommodation or food recommendations. Everything was bliss and I'm grateful to have spent it with the person I love. I'm glad I was able to document every step of our adventure together and I hope you enjoyed the little vlog I put together at the end of this post. Cheers to memories made and more to come. 

Duomo di Milano
Our apartment was right around the corner from Duomo di Milano- no more than a two minute walk. Each time we left the apartment, we were welcomed with waves of tourists and scammers, but more importantly, the amazing beauty of the cathedral and Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele II. I couldn't have asked for a better location. For the time we were spending out exploring Milan and surrounding Italian cities, it wasn't worth paying a hotel in an obscure street in an unfamiliar place. We were right in the heart of Milan's city center with easy accessibility to Milan's public transportation. There were restaurants and gelaterias at every block.
We were told that we arrived in Milano during the hottest week ever. It reached 100 degrees almost every day. I opted for light and cool pieces to cope with the weather but I was still melting.

Naviglio Pavese
We didn't want to trek an hour to get to Naviglio Grande, so we opted for a closer option at Naviglio Pavese. I would have never thought that Milan had such a cute hidden gem running along the perimeter of the city centre. It was so peaceful to walk around and become submerged in the neighborhood.

Fiera di Sinigaglia
We also decided to go to Naviglio Pavese because they hold a weekly flea market every Saturday called the Fiera di Sinigaglia by the canal. I wasn't so much interested in the market itself, but more for the cultural experience. It was interesting to see what was being sold, and quite honestly, a straw hat seemed like a smart purchase because of the scorching weather- but I wasn't being smart (#noregrets).

Milano Gelato Tour
I had at least one gelato per day, and sometimes even indulged in a second one when I felt like it. I usually never buy ice cream when I'm in New York, but it was too good to resist. I was on vacation nonetheless, so why the heck not? (Still #noregrets).

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Living so close to the square meant that I had the chance to walk through the gorgeous galleria every chance we had. Each time I walked in, I stopped to look up and admire the architecture (which is something I need to start doing in New York too). Each step I take, I look down to gawk at the tiles. Beauty all around and I can never get enough.
To be quite honest, we spent more than enough days in Milan. We became comfortable with the city and I no longer felt like I was tourist after a few days. For this reason, we rarely brought our cameras out, but I tried my best to show you Milan. The vlog may not be any better but I hope you enjoy it! 

Arrivederci, Italy~
Until next time!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
Stay tuned for travel posts on Venice and Lake Como.

Photography by: Peter Li