Explicit Travels • Venezia

St.  Mark's Basilica

Rialto Bridge
I was in Venice for only 9 hours, but I completely fell in love with the city. Being there for such a short time probably preserves Venice's unfamiliar and charming allure. I will definitely be back. 

A few tips and tricks I learned while in Venice:
  1. Plan your trip! Make sure you're hitting all the attractions in a route that makes the most sense. I usually plan my order of attractions to go in a circle so I don't have to buzz back and forth through the whole city. 
  2. If you're hoping to see the city's top attractions, make sure you buy tickets ahead of time so you can skip the line. 
  3. Gondola rides can go up to 80 euros a pop, which is a pretty steep price point. You can make the bang for your buck if you have a lot of people tagging along. We managed to snag a ride in a less touristy area for 70 euros. Make sure you get on a pretty gondola! 
  4. An alternative to expensive gondola rides are water taxis! They go for 7.50 euros per ride and take you along a scenic cruise along the grand canal. Warning: there's no air conditioning and a very limited number of seats at the back of the boat for photos. There's a standing area in the front of the boat where people get on and off. Most seats are inside, blocked by windows. 
  5. Wear comfortable shoes. We strolled around for 9 hours around the whole city and I almost died in my sneakers. Imagine not wearing something comfortable (RIP happy feet).
  6. Bring a huge bottle of water! You have to pay for water at restaurants and with all that walking, water is a must! When you find a water fountain, fill it up. There's tons of water fountains on the streets to use at your discretion. Keep hydrated and sweat it all out. 
  7. Make sure you ask whether or not there are student discounts at museums and other attractions. You will save a couple of euros. 

Thank you for showing us your charm, Venice. 

Photography by: Angela Chen & Peter Li
(but mostly Peter)