Explicit Travels • Lake Como

A little city submerged in nature...

Lake Como was something planned last minute, which is totally fine given how close it is from Milan. Something totally on the whim but so pleasantly relaxing and amazing. After doing some researching and reading a few travel guides online, I found it was best best to travel to Como via train and hop around each city via the ferry. We trekked over to Varenna first thing in the morning which took a short hour by train. 

In Varenna, we were greeted with a gorgeous view, instantly falling in love with the city. There we visited Villa Montastero which made me feel like maybe it's time I moved to Italy. It portrayed everything I would have ever imagined an Italian villa with tall vertical hedges and beautiful patios overlooking the sea. That being said, Varenna may be my favorite out of the three cities we visited in Como.

Having spent 2 short hours in Varenna, we decided to move on. We spent the rest of our time in Bellagio and Como. We leisurely walked around, enjoying the fresh air and amazing views. We took a short 10 minute ferry out to Bellagio. Starved and famished, we picked a random restaurant by the water. We spent the next hour or so walking up long stairways to little shops that sold their famous Italian silks. Last but not least, we took a 40 minute ferry down to Como, which was as scenic as it gets. We spent our last hours in Como walking around, visiting the cathedral, people watching at a cafe, and enjoying endless amounts of gelato to save ourselves from the scorching heat. 

Lake Como was beautiful and so surreal. The small cities submerged by nature, land and sea. Being in the city for long, I sometimes forget how beautiful the world outside can be. 

All photos by: Angela Chen & Peter Li