Coney Island

I can't believe September has already started and the summer is already over. To end off the wonderful summer and celebrate my best friend's birthday, I present a vlog about my little trip to Coney Island beach with her. We've been friends for four years now. We had a sleepover recently so we spent the night catching up, doing face masks, and watching movies with a glass of wine. After a long, fun-filled evening, we had the wonderful opportunity to sleep in before our little adventure continued.  While I had no intentions to vlog our hang out, I decided that capturing our moments together wouldn't be such a bad idea afterall. We made our way to Coney Island beach to soak up the last of the summer sun. I hope you enjoyed watching our moments together as much as I did with her. 

Well anyways... Happy Birthday, Jenn! 
I've been quite busy lately, but I can't take all the blame. You're a tough cookie to get a hold of too. Though we have distanced ourselves physically since the end of high school, our bond will never change. When we finally make the time for each other, it feels so good. We try to have our spontaneous and adventurous moments, but knowing us, we never get to do anything. Please stop being lazy, little one. I'm not going to lie, we do have our wild moments and I'm glad you had fun last night in our own make-shift club while you took your first shot ever! Congrats girl. Big girl moves! Cheers to memories from the past, moments in the present, and future plans ahead. I love you forever. Welcome to your second decade.
Happy Birthday, Jenn! 

Video filmed by: Angela Chen 
with an iPhone 6