Minimalistic Summers

I've lived most of my life swept up in the fast pace of something called reality. Everyone in New York is so ambitious, always moving, always motivated. Things get hard when you don't seem to match your own expectations and goals. That is when I start to complicate things. I weigh options and consider numerous possible paths. My head just goes in never ending circles of 'what-if's. 

I've learned over the years that the best thing to do is to keep things simple and minimalistic. I used to think that the more I did, the better things were. However, things should just speak true to itself and what it is. Simple. Less is more and the truth will reveal. Only think about what is essential and leave the rest. 

The same can be said about clothes during the summer time. Less clothes may be ideal, but rompers may be the solution to all minimalistic and simple options. Rompers are simple pieces that still make a statement in of itself. I found the right one from LF with thin vertical stripes and a high neck line. This piece can definitely be worn during the fall season for easy transitional outfits. Simple. 

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LF romper

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Photos taken by: Peter Li