Mono Luxe

Court Street Grocers - Hero Shop

My boyfriend and I were in Red Hook when we stumbled upon this little gem in the wall. We usually have our brunch spot in Red Hook that we love but we both didn't plan on eating. We were around the corner when we noticed a lot of people coming in and out of this one place. Tables were set up outside but there was no real indication of what it was. It's exterior isn't much and it's definitely understated. I guess we were feeling a bit adventurous and daring (if you can even call it that), so we decided to just walk in and check out all the fuss. 

Instagram Round up

Here's just a general round up of all my favorite Instagram posts from this past month. I've been busy juggling school and work that I don't have much time to blog as much as I want to. However, if you follow me on Instagram, you will definitely be caught up with my life and be more updated with some of my #OOTD's as well as closer looks into tiny bits of my everyday life. Don't forget to leave comments too! They always make me happy to read what you guys think. 

Draped Trench Vest

Grey Layers

Manhattan Bridge