Court Street Grocers - Hero Shop

My boyfriend and I were in Red Hook when we stumbled upon this little gem in the wall. We usually have our brunch spot in Red Hook that we love but we both didn't plan on eating. We were around the corner when we noticed a lot of people coming in and out of this one place. Tables were set up outside but there was no real indication of what it was. It's exterior isn't much and it's definitely understated. I guess we were feeling a bit adventurous and daring (if you can even call it that), so we decided to just walk in and check out all the fuss. 

court street grocers hero shop red hook sandwiches heroes
Boy, did we make the right decision. From the moment we walked in, it just smelled sooo good. I guess we were hungry after all because we ordered two different heroes right off the bat. On the left is the Reuben with beef brisket, swiss, sauerkraut and sauce of some sorts. I thought the flavors were so strong and were definitely overwhelming with big bites, but I was so drawn to it that I just kept on taking more and more bites. I ordered the Droopy on the right. It has roast beef, horseradish mayo, French's crispy onions and arugula. My boyfriend and I aren't fans of mayo but we 100% enjoyed how the flavors complemented each other so well. If you want, check out their menu here

The size of the sandwiches may seem small but they're definitely filling. I was getting full after eating get the first half. My boyfriend and I ended up sharing each other's halves so we got a taste of different sandwiches. I definitely recommend doing that if you want to try different flavors on the menu. 
Never had I ever eaten such a good sandwich. The inside of the store is tiny with only a few seats, but to me, good food is all you need. My boyfriend and I are definitely going to be making stops to the Court Street Grocers every so often to try different sandwiches.