Grey Layers

There's a gloom over my head these past few days. I'm bombarded with papers after exams, followed by more paper and exams, so I've been digging my brain into my textbooks. You can't blame me if I'm feeling a little gloomy and grey lately.

I love fall, but I'm not one to wear a lot of fall colors. As the colder temperatures roll around, I usually wear a lot of darker colors. I'll try to add more color into my wardrobe this year but no promises. I'm a big fan of draping so imagine how I felt when I found this midi dress from Topshop. Not only does it drape beautifully, I don't have to worry about my food baby like I usually do with tight dresses. I threw on this speckled cardigan for warmth and accessorized with blush pink pieces for some warmer tones.

I'm currently wearing:
Loft cardigan
Zara heels

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Photos by: Peter Li