Mono Luxe

You guys you guys! I'm so relieved its finally the end of the week. Not only that... but it's also crazy to think that I started my blog exactly one year ago. One of the pieces that I've been styling throughout the entire time was my leather jacket - Bruxelles - Leather & Stripes. It's my most worn item in my closet. I debuted it for my first outfit post and it has been featured on my blog numerous times. For this outfit, I kept it minimal and monochromatic - my favorite kind of look. Despite how simple and basic each piece is, it manages to look so luxe when paired together with my bag and shoes, which I think is very influential in how an outfit comes together. Fashion trends are ever changing and always evolving. But if it doesn't truly represent me or my style, why wear it? 

I used to always have an unsettled mind and wavering heart whenever I did something that didn't represent me as a person or what I loved. I think that, in many ways, it has to do with conforming to social norms. It happens everyday and it easily influences us to think that the world is beautiful and perfect. We see the perfect couple, the perfect house, the perfect vacation, the perfect bag. But nothing is really perfect. In pursuit of this "perfection", many personal indulgences in life are easily overlooked. There's some urge to be distinct. Especially in social media. But really, there's much more pleasure in being authentic because you're all the distinction you really need. 

I can only hope my own personal distinction inspires you in some sort of way. I'm forever grateful for all those who supported me - for all my long time readers and those who just arrived on my personal diary. Cheers to documented memories and new adventures to be made. I'll document every step of the way. 

I'm currently wearing:
Loft sweater 
LF leather jacket
Forever 21 skirt
Anthropologie hat
Celine Micro Luggage Tote

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Photos taken by: Peter Li