Denim on Denim

I know what you're thinking - why am I in short sleeves? Well... good question. Considering it's December, the weather has been amazing lately. Granted, there have been a few freezing days, but there were also days that were so incredibly warm that I did not need a jacket. Before I start layering for the dead of winter, I'm taking this chance to share this denim on denim look that I've been loving. However, I know this look is not for anyone, but fashion has no boundaries. I tied a chambray button up around my waist and I thought the different shades of blue against my jeans looked really good. It created a lot of movement and dimension in my otherwise very basic outfit. To go along with the color palette of blue tones, I went with the sweater I bought from a London warehouse while I was abroad. It has this shimmer in it that's super pretty under the light and perfect for the holidays. To class it up, I went with a pair of super comfortable heeled booties. 

To accommodate for New York's colder temperature, throw on a leather jacket or oversized coat. This look right now is more suitable for LA winter. My outfits are just mere inspirations. It's always up to you and how you want to change it up. Add or take away any pieces that you don't like. Make it your own. 

But really now, let's start snowing already - Christmas is right around the corner! 

I'm currently wearing: 
Sweater I bought in London
Uniqlo button-down
J.Crew shoes
Chanel WOC

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Photos by: Peter Li