New Year's Eve

As we draw closer to the end of 2015, we look for ways to reinvent ourselves for the new year. I've learned more about myself in ways I couldn't have without the lessons and gifts that have come my way. 

People come and go, but those who stick around during my lows are the ones I want to keep by my side. Those who support me and showed me love, my heart goes out to you. Juggling between internships and school was a difficult feat to overcome, but I've developed a go hard or go home mindset to push me through endless to-do lists. I've learned to put myself out there, unafraid of rejection and failure because that is what will hold me back. I've been so lucky to be handed opportunities to work with brands and to meet new people who are truly inspiring. When things don't work out, look at things positively because there is no time to dwindle on what it could've been. It just wasn't meant to be. The best is yet to come! I know that 2016 will be one heck of a year. 

All the lows I've struggled with and the highlights that shined this past year will not be overlooked and forgotten. Each experience was a chance for me to grow and to learn as I prepare myself for the new year. 2015 may every well be a tough act to follow but I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. Happy New Years everybody!
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