Blush Pink

Change can be uncomfortable but the smallest decision in your life can make all the difference. Try changing it up this year and do something a little differently. It can be something small like changing your daily routine or attending events you usually don't go to. For me, I'm starting off with changing up my outfit palette. If you've been with me for a while, you know that I barely wear any color. While I do make attempts at making changes, it can be difficult in the winter sometimes when all you have is a black coat in your closet. 

One of the best ways to add color to a dull winter outfit is your jacket. When I was a little girl, I used to love pink. As I grew older, I thought it was just too much color for my black and white palette. For some reason, however, I've been falling in love with pink again, more specifically the shade, blush pink. The rose quartz color was crowned pantone color of the year - love. The color is subtle enough that it doesn't look like tacky barbie pink and it adds all the color I need in my outfit. 


For my accessory, I went with this personalized charmed necklace. As a dainty reminder to not take things too seriously, I went with charms that remind me of childhood. I got the dinosaur, bubblegum, and sneaker charm. I may be going back to BaubleBar for more to find more charms to play around with. Shop for your perfect charm here and don't forget to use my code ACHEN25 to get 25% off your purchase!
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Club Monaco sweater & coat 
BaubleBar necklace & earrings
Chanel bag
Acne Studios boots (similar)

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Photos by: Peter Li