Something about decisions make me so afraid. In the most extreme case, the rest of your life is paved from a definitive yes or no. The wrong decision, or the right one, can change processes and outcomes. For this reason, I'm a very indecisive person. I don't like to be the decision-maker. To change that, I vowed to just follow my heart and make decisions based on what I want, irregardless of what people have to say or what the consequences may be. If it makes my heart happy, then my decision is the right decision.

When I found this sweater on Pixie Market, I thought it was the perfect reflection of my indecisive life. There's no more maybe's, just decisions from here on out.

So here's my decision on this outfit: Yesss!!! This suede moto jacket from BlankNYC is my new closet favorite. Perhaps it may replace my love for my old black leather jacket, styled here, here, and here. I've been on the hunt for a suede jacket for months but I had trouble finding a color I liked and a quality piece for a decent price. This jacket is the perfect burgundy tone.  I love the jacket has a belt detailing on the bottom. It's cropped at a nice length so it elongates my short short legs. It's also very heavy so it's perfect for layering this winter. Do I need to rave more about it? You can definitely expect this jacket in an upcoming outfit post!

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Photos by: Peter Li