Explicit Travels // Florence

Piazza del Duomo - This is the view from the bell tower, so amazing.

Here's our view from out the window! We couldn't have asked for a better location because we were right in the city center. Everything was within a 10 minute walk and Piazza del Duomo was only 2 minutes away, right around the corner. Only downside was how noisy it was, but I guess that is the cost you pay for being geographically convenient. 

All' Antico Vinaio - If you like cold cuts, I definitely recommend this little hole in the wall! Huge sandwiches for 5 euros and they taste amazing!! We didn't know which was good, but the man who helped us was kind enough to explain their best seller. Such a gem. 

Here's a view of David's butt! Enjoy. 

Trattoria 13 Gobbi - If you're ever in Florence, this place is a must! I also suggest making reservations. We were lucky enough to get seats without a long wait, but the second time we wanted to eat there again, they were all booked. We found this restaurant online with good reviews and it has every right to be! It was the best steak I've ever had and the rigatoni was so on point. Definitely craving it again.

We visited Pisa for a day. It took an hour to get there via rail. I was sad to see that no one was doing the iconic pose everywhere. It was super windy that day and no one was really interested in going into the tower, so we ended up walking around the city before hopping back on the rail to go back to Florence. 

Here's a visual recap of my entire trip! Stay tuned for part 2 of my Italy trip to Rome!

If you're interested in going to Italy, please feel free to ask me any questions via Instagram or email! I'd be more than happy to help feed your adventurous curiosities.