Italy Instagram Round Up

Despite being in such an unfamiliar city, there's something about traveling that makes me so happy. I've noticed that each city I visit, there's always some kind of allure and charm about each city that makes it so irresistible. I went to Milan and Venice last summer with my boyfriend and my love with Italy needed to be rekindled with another trip. This time, I went with my my mom, brother, and boyfriend as we made our way around Florence and Rome. We had the most amazing time together and I cannot wait to share it with you guys. Although I had international data, I tried my best to stay away from social media because it was a vacation after all. I posted what I could and here's what ended up being on my Instagram. If you're interested in any of my outfits featured on my Instagram, you can shop directly from your email using

I'll definitely be sharing my travel vlog and blog post soon so stay tuned to follow my adventure around Italy (again). Until then, stay warm! 

Photos from: Instagram