Killington, Vermont

A bunch of friends and I went to Killington, Vermont for a little weekend getaway for the New Years. We arrived on NYE night to just chill before the clock stroke 12am. The trip was hands down an amazing start to the New Year.

On the first day of 2016, we went snowboarding at Killington Ski Resort. We have been to this resort before last year and we all fell in love with its ridiculously long trails. Because we've been having a such an abnormally warm winter, mountains near NYC still aren't opened or the slopes are just man-made snow that's iced up. Vermont, on the other hand, was receiving heaps of snow. It snowed every moment we were there. The slopes were powdery and it just felt so good to make our first run of the season. 

Originally, we planned to snowboard again on 01/02 as well, but our bodies could not handle all the bumps and falls. We ended up chilling and making homemade dinner together. Then we finished the night with some fun and games. We left to head back to NYC on 01/03. 

Check out the full vlog of my trip above! Cheers for more memories to come!

Images from my Instagram @explicitaffairs