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Common Project Original Achilles Low White

I've been on the hunt for these pairs of shoes forever. I first fell in love with them about a year ago, but I had the hardest time finding them in my size. I've looked high and low, online and in stores, in New York and in Europe -- no where to be found. I was pretty sure I just had to wait until I got lucky one day to find them in my size. Originally, I found a pink pair in my size. My boyfriend hopped right on it and pre-ordered them for me for my birthday. Let me remind you that my birthday is in July. 

Now, here's the good part -- One day, he was waiting for this "special" parcel and just refused to tell me what it was. He gave in (and lied) that he got himself a pair of Common Projects. We both really wanted a pair but I was soo sad I still couldn't find myself a pair. I ended up opening the package for him because I was really excited to see "his" pair of Common Projects. I open it and it turns out it was Woman by Common Projects. This man managed to surprise me with a second pair of Common Projects, something I struggled so hard to find in my size. Kudos to him. <3

Common Project Original Achilles Low White

Common Project Original Achilles Low White

Once you open the box, there's a dust bag. Every pair of good shoes come with a dust bag, which becomes super useful for traveling and what not. I also found an extra pair of shoelaces. Yes, you buy your own anywhere, but I thought it was extremely thoughtful for them to do so. 

Common Project Original Achilles Low White

Common Project Original Achilles Low White

And the best thing inside the box would (obviously) be the shoes. They're made out of 100% leather with rubber soles. Seriously such a beautiful shoe. My favorite part would have to be the gold letterings on the side of the shoes for three reasons: (1) it's gold, like come on, how can it get any better than that; (2) 0506 is actually my boyfriend's birthday -- total coincidence but because he surprised me with these shoes, iI think the letters make it more special; (3) the middle two digits is your shoe size, so as you can see, I'm a size 36. I think the shoe runs a little big, but because Common Projects don't have half sizes, I don't recommend sizing down. I much prefer having a little extra comfort than a shoe that is too snug.

I haven't worn these out yet but my boyfriend preaches that they're super comfortable -- no need to break them in. I'll definitely be wearing them soon. Maybe they'll be coming along with my to my next travels. (Guess where I'll be going to~!) 

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  1. Um, you have the best boyfriend. I need to physically grab my boyfriends hand, put it on the mouse and click "Buy" because he's so clueless. Love these, they're so pretty!


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    1. Hahaha trust me -- my boyfriend is usually never like this! You need to drop those hints to him so he will know hehe.