Exploring San Francisco

We only had 2 days to explore San Francisco, so we tried to make the most of our time. I'm not sure whether SF is known for its views, but I definitely enjoyed looking down each street to find a pleasant view with a steep hill.

My most memorable moments in San Francisco would have to be my bike ride through the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented bikes at Sports Basements near Presidio. It was about $24 for 3 hours. Definitely worth the money to get a little thrill during your vacation and get submerged in SF's gorgeous views. 

 I think one of the most memorable moment during our trip was our bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented bikes at Sports Basement and ending up riding through Presidio to get onto the bridge. It was such a serene and surreal moment. Wind in my hair as I zipped through everyone on the bridge. The thrill of cars just an earshot away. If you ever go to SF, definitely have this on your list. 

Another spot with great views was Twin Peaks. We started our way at the Moraga Steps on 16th ave, which had tiled steps. My favorite one was the moon one, because it's a little insider I have with my boyfriend. Once you make you're way to the top, you're greeted with an amazing view overlooking the city -- seriously breathtaking. However, we ended up staying up there for about 10 minutes, because it was insanely windy. 

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Photos by: Peter Li


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  1. Ahhh~ Thank you for this post ^_^ I am going to San Fran in a few months because my brother is moving there!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette