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I've always been an East Coast kind of gal -- born and raised in NYC and traveled to almost all of the states on the east coast (like come on, I've been to Florida so many times). All these years, I've always wanted to come to California. I made my way to San Francisco for a few days with my family and boyfriend. Being the tourist that we were, we hit up all the top touristy attractions. Lombard Street was, of course, one of the overrated attractions on our list. We started at the top, where there were no cable car wires to intrude our photos. There was also good view of the street below. Then, we walked our way down, taking a few pictures here and there with some flowers. We spent a good 15 minutes there for pictures and that was about it. 

Anyways, for my outfit, I opted for some key pieces that were essential for the warm afternoon and windy evenings. I wore a knit tank top with a silk bomber. By layering these two pieces, I was able to take off the bomber whenever things got a little heated. However, I think the star of this outfit would have to be my book bag, which is a vital essential when traveling. I had so many things stuffed in there and it was insanely handy for all the equipment I was carrying around (oh the world we live in today). 

This was just a quick post from my first day in San Francisco. I'll have more coming soon! 

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Photos by: Peter Li



  1. I love how casual and chic your outfit is! My brother is moving to California in a few months and will be living about two hours from San Fran. I so excited to visit ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Thank you!! Casual and comfy is the best way to go when traveling.
      Also, such exciting news about your brother! Cheers to new beginnings! I hope you have fun during your visits! :)

  2. In LOVE with your bomber! It's definitely very different from the black or green ones seen everywhere. Love that white floral design and how you paired it with the black skinny jeans.


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