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I've been to so many cities on the East Coat and never ventured to the West Coast until this year. I went with my family and boyfriend for about week. We spent only 2 days in San Francisco and 4 days in LA. Our trip involved a lot of touristy things and we ate a lot of good food. However, I did end up planning a lot for the trip, which was super stressful on my part. For that reason, I wouldn't say California is my favorite place to go. If I were to choose, I like the Bay Area vibes so much more than LA (no offense!). However, there were a few things from LA that I thoroughly enjoyed and I wanted to share with you...

Living: Vermont Apartments - We decided to stay at the apartment for the week, which had amazing views of DTLA. There was a heated pool and hot tub, which was great. My favorite part was how pet-friendly the building was. Our stay was pleasant for the few days we were there, but I can't speak for the residents or the neighborhood it's located in.

Food: Kobawoo Restaurant- We stumbled upon this restaurant during our stay at our apartment and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal there. The portions were relatively big and they're known for their bossam. It was my first time eating it, but sooooo good. I crave it everyday.

Day Trip: Universal Studios - Out of all our days in LA, I had the most fun in Universal Studios. I've been to the one in Florida twice, but I didn't have as much fun as I did in LA. Although the rides were relatively the same, the lines were sooooo much shorter.

And that's all from my trip to California! I hope you enjoyed following me along this journey -- I can't wait to share my trip to Europe with you all! 



  1. Absolutely loved your vlog! Great capture of SF and LA! I never got a chance to visit San Fran, looks beautiful 😊


    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed my vlog! You should definitely take a visit there -- it's a beautiful city!

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