Making Moments at the Golden Gate Bridge

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Next to Golden Gate Bridge is Presidio Park. I got to see the iconic bridge at every angle -- up close and far away faded in the light morning smog -- but my favorite spot was up on a secluded hill submerged in fresh spring blooms. My boyfriend and I decided to climb up there to spend a few moments together alone. We snapped a few photos of the gorgeous view and I gazed at how surreal everything was. 

It's moment likes these that I remember and cherish the most -- the unplanned moments. They're more stress-free and less crowded than the touristy attractions I had planned for the day. Try to take the road less taken and you'll be surprised at the untouched wonders you'll find. 

However, I do think that's easier said than done. In a day and age where social media prevails and conformity is routine, people are no longer following their hearts and making their own moments. 

Never forget to stay true to yourself and do what makes you happy. 

Photos by: Peter Li


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