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After staying for a few days in Paris, my friends and I made our way to Amsterdam for 2 days. It was my second time there, but I enjoyed it this time around so much more than the first. The city was basically built entirely for bikers so we made the smart choice of renting a bicycle for two days. If I were to describe my time there -- good food, good accommodation space, good vibes, and good company. Here's a few tips I noted while I was there:

  1. Rent a bike! I wholeheartedly wish that you get a chance to rent a bicycle while you're there. It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in Europe. We lived in an amazing apartment that wasn't in the city-center, but it was nice to experience our time outside the touristy accommodations. Also, it felt so good to ride along the canal to get to wherever wended to go. You'll be able to find a lot of rental stores around, so just find the closest one to your accommodation.
  2. Make a reservation at De Kas. We decided to dish out on a meal that was recommended to us by multiple people. It's a bit pricey, but it was well worth it. They plant all their ingredients right from their own greenhouse, ensuring that all their dishes are fresh and organic.
  3. Buy tickets to the Heineken Experience! I definitely recommend buying pre-sale tickets wherever you can - online or around the city. Our decision to attend the Heineken Experience was super last minute when we coincidently found a bar by the Rijksmuseum that sold pre-sale tickets. Quite honestly, I hate beer, but I have a new found appreciation for Heineken. I can also tell you how its made, but I'll spare you the boring information. 
  4. Take a trip to the Artis Zoo. My friends are actually huge animal-lovers so we made a trip to the zoo on the rainiest day of the week. While the rain was a bummer, there were a lot of animals that made the trip super informative.
  5. Buy tickets to the Anne Frank House well before your visit. We couldn't get tickets online because they were all sold out. Although we didn't get a chance to go into the Anne Frank House this time, I was able to get in the first time I was in Amsterdam. We waited on line for almost 2 hours, but it was well worth the wait and experience. Just get your tickets early and save yourself some time.
  6. Schedule in a Canal Tour. This was another thing we didn't have time to attend, but I went the first time I was in Amsterdam. I definitely recommend buying tickets for a canal tour. It lasts roughly an hour and you'll get information and history on a number of the city's landmarks.

Enough of the touristy things! Here's a little more about my look while I was in Amsterdam. If there's one thing I brought a lot of on this trip, it would have to be pants. Comfy pants. During our trip to Amsterdam, I opted for this pair of gingham culottes (similar here). I usually don't embrace pattern but gingham is a subtle statement that makes all the difference in an outfit. I paired it with my one and only jacket I bought along on the trip, which I thought paired nicely with the gingham to create a casual chic look while I explore Amsterdam.

Thanks for reading, everyone! Stay tuned for my look from London and my travel vlog!

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