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This trip was full of second's. It was my second time in Paris, my second time in Amsterdam, my second time to a lot of the touristy spots, but it was probably my 10th time being back in London. Two years ago, I had the chance to call London my home for roughly 5 months. It has easily become one of my favorite cities ever. During my time there, I traveled to 6 different European cities and each time, I would return to London (Take a look at some major throwbacks to a few of my first blog posts ever in Brussels/Amsterdam and Budapest). I eventually ended up calling London my second home. London holds a very special place in my heart.

Being back to London Town fore a mere two days definitely did not feel like enough, but it felt so so so good to be back. Because it was a relatively quick trip, I ended up revisiting a lot of the tourist attractions, which sparked a lot of precious memories from two years ago. One of which included reuniting with one of my best girlfriends. I met her when we were both studying abroad in London and have been good friends since. I haven't seen her since she graduated NYU, but she recently landed a job in London, the city where it all began. I'm not going to lie - one of my major reasons for traveling to London again was to see her. 

So my friend and I ended up catching up over dinner and champagne. I opted for a super casual look. You can even say I'm an outfit repeater because I repeated a lot of these pieces to make different outfits while on vacation. My favorite part of the whole look would have to be these trousers. They may look conservative, and even excessive for the summer, but there are slits that allow some skin to show when there's a quick London breeze. Definitely, a surprise element in an otherwise basic piece. And of course, sneakers are one of my biggest essentials for traveling. They're the ultimate comfort factor to a happy travel/sightseeing day.

That's all for my outfits from Europe. Be sure to stay tuned for my travel vlog! 

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  1. Love how effortless this look is! Glad you were able to reunite with your friend and have a wonderful time together :)

    XO Jenn