Off-The-Shoulder + Culottes in Paris

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I've been wearing culottes nonstop lately, and I just could not resist this jumpsuit. The top of the jumpsuit is actually off-the-shoulder, but because Paris was a bit chill, I layered this cropped sweater. The length of the sweater helps frame out my petite body and accentuate my waist line from the wide-leg culottes. If you're interested in seeing this jumpsuit in all its glory, take a look at my Instagram here. The jumpsuit itself is super flattering and comfortable. Nonetheless, off-the-shoulder and culottes are having a major moment right now, so what better than to have the two combined into one? I definitely have this jumpsuit on repeat this summer, but obviously without the sweater! 

I wore this outfit around Paris as we were shopping. Quite frankly, this was actually what I wore when I bought my new Chanel bag (read my review here). It's not like I intentionally planned it to be so, but this outfit was one of the biggest reasons why I vibed so well with the bag. (Our SA really knew how to enable me). 

Stay tuned for more outfit posts from Amsterdam and London, along with a travel blog! 

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Photos by: Peter Li



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  1. I must admit I'm not a big fan of culottes at all but this is the first look I've seen where I've actually loved them. You look amazing! Such a flattering outfit. You've almost converted me to like them!