Stripes and Pins w/ Ziggit

Currently wearing:
Rebecca Minkoff bag (smaller size)
Ziggit pins (Promo: $7 for 4+ pins)

One of the biggest reasons why I continue to do what I do on Explicit Affairs and major in psychology in NYU is to pursue self-expression and understand not only myself but also others. 

Clothes in of itself is a great way of self-expression. Each morning, I get ready with a look I have in mind to express how I'm feeling that particular day. I'm sure a lot of you know what I'm talking about. Pins and patches are having a huge moment right now and I like to think of them as a much more personalized touch of personality to each outfit you wear. However, a lot of the patches on the market don't allow for customization. They're cute but they may not truly express yourself 100%.

For this outfit, I added some Ziggit pins to the straps of my romper and the tassels on my bag. #JK with a tongue pin is probably one of my favorite sets because it adds a quirky and down-to-earth vibe, which I think is a pretty true representation of who I am. They're also great for self-expression in a fun and unexpected way. I also love finding new ways to rearrange my pins to create a cute acronym and pinning them in unexpected spots like the belt straps of my denim cutoffs or the laces of my shoes. Ziggit currently has some really cool limited edition holographic pins as well- so cute!

Leave a comment below about your thoughts on these cute pins! 


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