Punta Cana, DR • Excursions + Vlog

This tropical getaway to Punta Cana was special in many ways. My brothers and I grew up in the same house as our two cousins. Fast forward, we're a little older now and we've all split up to our own lives. We've been through it all back then and we talk about our childhood memories all the time til this day. This summer, we all made the time to go to Punta Cana together with our significant others. Can you call it a "quadruple couple's getaway plus my single brother"?  
We stayed at the Riu Palace Bavaro, which I thought was great. I'm not the biggest fan of the interior choices but I spent most of my time at the pool and beach anyways. We booked two excursion packages. My favorite one is highlighted with an asterisk*. 
  1. Hoyo Azul (Blue Hole): We hiked to get to this beautiful body of water. It's name translates to Blue Hole, which is as true of a representation it will get. I think this would be the excursion for you if you knew how to swim because you get to dive into the water. However, I sadly don't know how to swim so I ended up just staying in the freezing water doing nothing. The only thing I didn't like about this was the wait before it all happened. We probably waited about 30-45 minutes before doing anything.
  2. Sunrise Cruise: After Hoyo Azul, we took a boat out with about 15 other people to go snorkeling and party in the middle of the ocean. I liked this part of the excursion package a lot more than Hoyo Azul. It was a lot more chill and free-spirited.
  3. **Snuba: If I'm not mistaken, snuba is a mix of snorkeling and scuba diving. Excuse my lingo as I don't know the proper terms, but here's a little more about snuba -- the air tank stayed afloat in a floaty while 3-4 of us were attached to it for air. We had a belt of weights to weigh us down underwater. The instructor made sure that we were all comfortable breathing out of our mouthpiece before he lead us underwater. I honestly felt like a mermaid and enjoyed it so so so much. I wasn't about to vlog this due, but seriously such a memorable moment. 't you're going to do this, take a sip of water before you go because the air tank dehydrates your mouth like crazy. 
  4. **Speed boat: We also had the chance to drive a speed boat. My boyfriend was the first to drive, before I took the wheel. I was honestly so so scared. The boat went 35mph if I'm not mistaken. Wear sunnies when you go because the salty water splashing in your face is no fun -- your eyes will burn afterwards. 
That basically sums up all the adventurous things we did in Punta Cana. If you have any questions about the excursions, feel free to leave a comment or email me!


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  1. Aww that Triangl suit is the cutest and Punta Cana is such a fun place to go. I love that you went with all your cousins and brothers; reminds me of when I was young and went on massive family vacations but this time, without all the parents. That's so awesome that you guys are all so close!

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