Iceland - Blue Lagoon

It's been a while since my last blog post, but I wanted to get back into the grind of things with a post about my trip to Iceland! One of the best experiences was the Silica Hotel/Blue Lagoon experience. 

Silica Hotel

For our first night in Iceland, we stayed at the Silica Hotel. The room itself is beautifully decorated with a cool, yet warm color palette. I loved how the pale blue and grey color palette matched with the woody tones. Every corner was pretty much instagramable! The balcony also overlooked onto the lava fields that surrounded the hotel and Blue Lagoon. 

Our stay also included complimentary breakfast in the morning, which was great to have right before we checked out. The spread included the traditional breakfast food with croissants, eggs, and bacons. I definitely enjoyed the smoked trout with everything (trout is actually pretty common in Icelandic meals). Our breakfast spread was definitely a nice touch to our relaxing stay at Silica Hotel. 

Silica Hotel also offered a private lagoon, which was separate from the public Blue Lagoon. Having gone to the Blue Lagoon the day before, I wasn't planning to go into our hotel's private lagoon. However, after breakfast, we had almost an hour and half left before check-out. Therefore, I decided to take a quick dip in the morning. The warm-up lagoon, shown on below on the left, is where you take a dip in the warm waters before opening the door to the outdoor space. In my opinion, the private lagoon was much better than the public Blue Lagoon. The water was warmer, the atmosphere was more peaceful, and it was much cleaner. The only downside was the silica mud that was at the bottom of the lagoon. The feeling of the mud under my feet was definitely not pleasant, but the hotel offered noodles to help you float around.

There's a very limited number of rooms at the Silica Hotel, so if you're interested in staying here, make sure you book in advance!

Blue Lagoon

Our accommodation included a premium admissions to the Blue Lagoon. This included mud masks, a complimentary drink, a robe, towel, and flip flops, along with some other advantages here. Otherwise, you can skip the hotel stay and just purchase admission tickets itself. My girlfriends and I decided to go all out and just have a full day to relax - it was a getaway after all. Because we arrived at around 10am, we decided to use our pass that day until it was time to check-in. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel after grabbing our bathing suits and walked for about 10 minutes through the lava field to the Blue Lagoon. The walk was peaceful, but cold.

Above photos is what the path to the Blue Lagoon looks like. 
Below is inside the Blue Lagoon.

I definitely recommend the Silica Hotel stay with a dip into the private lagoon, without the need to purchase the premium admission. I'm not sure if that is an option, but if it is, do it. However, if you're looking for a more touristy experience or a one-day trip without paying the price of a hotel stay, go for the basic admission to the Blue Lagoon! 


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    1. I had a great time in Iceland! Poseidon Expeditions look amazing as well! Thank you for showing me those cruises - I'm definitely going to look into these for the future! :) Which cruise did you go on and what were your thoughts on them?

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